Speaker List

Speaker List

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1. Concept, definition, and theorizing migration

a. Concept and definition of migration

·    Concepts and definition of migration

·    Terminologies that are often used in migration studies.

·    General causes and consequences of migration

b. Theorizing migration

·     Laws of migration

·     Environmental factors in migration

·     Summing up

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2. Global migration trends, international migration, and Nepali diaspora

·Origin, trends and destination places of world migration

·International migration: definition, terminologies used and flows:

o   unsafe migration flows

o   destination of international migrants

o   age, sex structure of international migrants

o   source areas of international migration

o   status of different migrants (workers, settler, students)

o   history of international migration in Nepal

o   emigration and Immigration in Nepal

o   Nepali Diaspora as international migrants

o   meaning and the historical perspectives of diaspora

o   the current situation of Nepali diaspora

o   diaspora- brain drain and brain gain

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3. Internal migration and displacement in Nepal

a. Internal migration in Nepal

·       rural, urban and hill-tarai migration in Nepal

·       features of internal migration in Nepal

·       impact of internal migration

o   Causes and consequences of migration.

o   Demographic changes and livelihood opportunity

o   from the Hills to the Plains

o   urbanization Gathers Speed

o   Gender Dynamics

b. internally displaced People (IDPs)

o   context of internal displacement

o   who are internally displaced?

o   armed conflict and internal displacement

o   drivers of Internal Displacement

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4. Labour Migration, Remittance and Nepalese Economy

a. Labour Migration

·       the status of Nepali labour migration

·       Nepali labour migration destination countries

·       estimates of migrant workers and the returnees in Nepal

·       trend of female migrant worker of Nepal

·       salient features of Nepali labour migration

b. Remittances and Nepalese economy

·       definition of Remittance, migrants’ top destinations, top countries earning remittances, sending money thru hundi versus formal channels,

·   COVID -19 and remittances

·   Correlation between remittances and GDP

·    Role of remittance on the livelihoods of migrant families and households

·     Role of Remittances in poverty reduction in Nepal

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5 International law and regulations on Migration

·     International law/ regulation on migration

·     Nepal’s commitment at various international forums

·     internal and international migration policies in Nepal and current policy gaps

·     Legal provisions on labour migration, existing labour laws and gaps

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6. Nepal’s commitment on international conventions and treaties on migration

·     sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on migration

·     global governance- Global Compact on Migration (GCM)

·     The New York Declaration

·     other declarations and processes

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7. Human Trafficking

·     meaning of human trafficking

·     the common forms of human trafficking

·     human trafficking in Nepal

·     government effort in combating human trafficking.

·     U.S. Embassy Trafficking in Person Report

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8. Migration and its implication on gender and inclusion

·     gender and inclusion and its implication on migration

·     sexual and other forms of abuse

·     educating refugees and migrants children

·     role of family and diplomatic missions

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9. Migration, climate change and disaster

·     effect of climatic condition and natural calamities on migration (extreme weather conditions, floods and landslides, drought, etc.

·     destruction of natural habitat and arable land resulting in migration

.   migration and its impact on agricultural productivity

·    Psychological impacts of climate change and natural disaster

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10. Migration and health

·  World Health Assembly Resolution on the Health of Migrants 2008

·  Migrant is a specific health risk factor

·  The Government of Nepal pre-departure training for migrant workers

·  Biological and Behavioural Surveillance Survey (IBBSS) conducted in 2008

·  Nepal government’s health insurance policy

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11. Migration and governance

·  migration governance

·  existing Acts, Rules and Policies governing foreign labour migration in Nepal

·  migration management and IOM

·  Monitoring of migration governance in Nepal

·  Inter-ministerial migration management and coordination

·  Good practices in Nepal: Province- 1

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Displacement Tracking Matrix Framework and

Migration data and research gaps

a.    Displacement tracking matrix framework

·    Introduction to DTM framework

·   Objective and principles of DTM

·   DTM components

·    Conclusion

b.   Migration data and research gaps

·    The gaps

·    Conclusion

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